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Business voucher (check on bottom) check paper. Compatible with CrossCheck/ChecksByNet, Print Boss, QCollect and others. This premium check paper is loaded with security features! One 3 1/2" high check with two 3 1/2" stubs above and an optional 1/2" tearoff at the top. * We won't sell blank check paper to just anyone! To protect our customers, if this is the first time you have ordered blank check paper from us, we will ask you on the secure order page to provide bank contact information so we can verify your identity. Compare this to what happens if you buy your check paper from somewhere that does not screen orders; anyone can buy the same paper and counterfeit your checks! While some will find this an inconvenience, most appreciate the extra steps we are taking to protect our customers!

250 sheets/checks - $21 | 500 sheets/checks - $30
1000 sheets/checks - $49 | 2500 sheets/checks - $96
10,000 sheets/checks - $330