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The 4-1-1 about Printing Personal Checks on Blank Check Stock: What’s the Best Option for Personal Checks?

“Other check printing websites are encouraging me to buy blank check paper and print my checks at home. So, can I print personal checks at home on blank check paper?”

Yes, you can print personal checks at home, but in most cases, it isn’t practical for the average person. To print personal checks at home, you need to have a software for formatting the checks, a suitable blank check paper, magnetic ink or toner, and a compatible laser or ink printer. There is a bit of hassle involved in initially setting up your home check printing operation, but there is also the risk of bank service fees if your homemade checks are not compatible; incompatible checks can incur fees of up to $4 each and delay processing. Some people do prefer to print their personal checks at home, usually if they have multiple bank accounts and have a financial software they use to keep track of expenses. For the average person who simple needs personal checks, the easiest and simplest option is to order printed personal checks from a trusted, quality check printer.

At ASAP Checks, we believe we are the best. With our competitive prices and hassle-free process for ordering checks, you don’t even need to take the risk of home printing personal checks. ASAP Checks has quick turnaround, fantastic customer service, and premium of security features. Learn more about ordering personal checks here.

Other online check printers encourage customers to buy blank check stock and use it for everything, some even incorrectly stating that all blank check paper is the same and conflating personal and business checks. (Not to name names . . . but we’ve seen this around the web on low-tier competitor sites that prioritize volume over quality.) This is because it’s so easy for companies to sell blank check stock and leave all the work regarding compatibility and printing on you, which most people aren’t equipped to manage. Blank check stock home printing may be right for you if you run an LLC, have multiple bank accounts, or are in another significant administrative role over finances, but for most people, printed checks are the way to go for day-to-day personal check usage. If you do want to investigate printing your own checks from home, check out our Blank Check Stock. We recommend this article for detailed instructions about home check printing, if you’d like to learn more:

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