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5 Reasons Why You Need To Order Computer Checks

5 Reasons Why You Need To Order Computer Checks

Why order Computer Checks?  Surely you can just continue to rely on your bank or check printer to supply you with manual checks the way they always have.  If you’re like many business owners, you probably assume that there’s only one way to go about purchasing and writing checks so you may be surprised to learn that you have other options.  Not only is there another way, but it’s a far better way for you and your business.  Here are five reasons why you need to say goodbye to bank printed manual checks and start ordering Computer Checks today:

  1. Make The Most Of Your Accounting Software – you’re likely already using one of the popular financial software programs like QuickBooks, Quicken or Sage, but are you aware that these programs and others like them are actually designed to be used with Laser Checks?  So by ordering computer checks, you can improve the function of your financial software and make full use of its potential.  Not only will you be able to track spending, create invoices and categorize expenses, you’ll also be able to print out checks that are guaranteed to be accurate every time.
  2. Make Your Business More Efficient – there is nothing more frustrating for business owners than wasting time and money on needless steps, especially when it comes to financial record keeping.  You need your business to make a profit and that means keeping a careful eye on overhead and making the best use of all of your resources.  Rather than dedicating excess man hours to poring over the books you can make life easier by tracking your company’s finances digitally.  And if you order computer checks, you can further economize by preventing the need to spend extra time on paperwork.  Now everything can be done with a few simply keystrokes and this can help you to use your resources, both monetary and personnel, to your best advantage.
  3. Improve Accuracy And Decrease The Potential For Error – Nothing is more critical to running a business smoothly than accurate financial record keeping.  Even the smallest mistake can easily snowball and potentially bring your entire business to a complete halt, costing you time and money in the process.  Using helpful tools like accounting software and computer checks can help to minimize the possibility of human error and keep your financial records on track.  With checks filled in automatically using information provided directly by your accounting program the possibility for error is reduced dramatically.  And because most accounting software is easily backed up, there is much less likelihood of data being lost or destroyed, which can make all the difference for your business.
  4. Guarantee Privacy and Security – It seems as if every time you turn on your TV or access the Internet these days, you’re hearing about another case of bank fraud or check fraud.  Your customers are aware of this too and they want to be sure that their transactions with your business are as secure as possible.  If you order computer checks from ASAP Checks you and your customers can breathe easier knowing that you have our security features to rely on.  We use every possible means to ensure that your checks will be safe from check fraud, including using check paper that is almost impossible to be tampered with or counterfeited .  We also include a special vanishing fingerprint image on the back of each check that makes it impossible for them to be duplicated using a scanner or color copier.  You can print your checks comfortably knowing that all of your information is completely secure.
  5. Market Your Message More Effectively – Believe it or not, checks are more than just a way to make payments; they can also be an extremely effective marketing tool.  Anything and everything that carries your company logo and information automatically becomes a vehicle for promoting your business and that includes checks.  By using Computer Checks  custom designed with your logo you can be sure that your message is getting out there as clearly and efficiently as possible and that makes all the difference when it comes to being competitive.  For a business to be successful these days it means making sure that it stands out from the crowd and using personalized items branded with your information, including Computer Checks, is one way to do just that.

This is just a small sample of the reasons why you should say goodbye to getting checks through the bank and order Computer Checks for your business instead.  It makes so much more sense from a financial, marketing and time management standpoint and there’s no reason to keep funneling money into your bank’s pocket for checks when you can get them directly from us.  Consider using ASAP Checks for your checking needs and you’ll notice the difference in your company’s bottom line.  It’s worth your time to help your business run more smoothly and make sure you’re providing the best service for your customers.