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Bank fees are bad enough. Overcharging for checks is too much !

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The banking industry has had a rough decade.

They started their dubious run 9 years ago, by nearly causing a global economic meltdown with their greedy ways, and capped it off last year with Wells Fargo’s stupefying “fraudulent accounts” scam.

In case you missed it, Wells Fargo agents created…and charged their customers for…approximately 2,000,000 fraudulent accounts.

What other industry would tolerate such levels of deception and greed?

Perhaps one that collects over $42 billion in fees alone.

That’s right, fees to cover things like ATM usage and overdrafts. And lest you think, “Well, of course banks need to charge $34 to cover an overdraft since that’s costing them money” not so fast.

If that’s true, then why are there at least 6 banks that do not charge for overdrafts at all?

In fact, almost all bank transactions are handled electronically. It costs the bank almost nothing…and yet they hit you with…

- Overdraft Fees

- Credit Card Late Payment Fees

- Minimum Balance and Maintenance Fees

- Returned Check Fees

- ATM Fees

- Paper Statement Fees

- Returned Mail Fee

- Foreign Transaction Fees

- Credit Card Interest Rates

- Stop Payment Fees

- Wire Transfer Fees

$42 billion.

So, why pay more than you need to when you order checks?

Hasn’t your bank shaken you down for enough of your hard-earned cash?

But if you order checks through your bank’s preferred vendor, they’ll get even more of it. In fact, checks ordered through your bank can cost more than TWICE as much as if you’d ordered through an outside printer. A single box of checks can run as high as $25-$50 through your bank.

Plus, your bank’s vendor charges high fees (there’s that word again) for rush delivery and add-ons like checkbook covers.

Luckily, there’s a more economical way to order checks.

Brenda got fed up with the high prices her bank was charging for checks, “I did some online research for the product we were looking for. Found it at ASAP at a lower price. Why pay more? Good quality checks, fast service, great prices. Cost half what we were paying thru the other company we were ordering from.”

Your bank gouges you enough…don’t pay more than you have to for checks.