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Believe It Or Not Businesses Prefer Checks

Computer Checks, credit cards, debit cards…there are so many ways to pay for goods and services these days yet so many people assume that only credit or debit cards are acceptable anymore. That’s far from the truth and if you took the time to ask, you’d probably be surprised to find out that most business owners actually prefer to receive payment by check. Relying on plastic may be easier from the customer’s point of view, but checks have real advantages for business owners that you probably haven’t considered.

Believe It Or Not Businesses Prefer Checks

Credit cards have been making our lives easier for years and the truckload of offers you probably receive in the mail from credit card companies and individual stores will bear this out. For bigger companies it just makes more sense to use credit cards as this saves time and manual labor on their part and may even help them attract customers. After all, it’s so much easier when you can do everything electronically and not have to be bothered to reorder Laser Checks, right? Not quite.

Of course, banks have their own perspective on things and for them dealing with checks can be a real hassle. They encourage the use of credit cards by offering them to customers, sometimes at extremely advantageous rates. And if credit wasn’t good enough, they also began instituting the idea of debit cards, allowing consumers to pay directly from their bank accounts. Quick, convenient and not labor intensive, so they felt it was a win-win.

But the truth is that for many businesses, especially smaller businesses that have to be particularly concerned about their profit margin, using plastic just doesn’t pay. That’s because both credit and debit cards can carry both transaction and discount fees. Most of the time those fees are relatively small, but even small fees can quickly add up and for small businesses that can be a real hardship. That’s why you’ll see more and more business owners opting for checks. And with the availability of Computer Checks now, there’s even less reason to avoid paying this way.

Unlike traditional manual checks, which you need to order through your bank and write out by hand, you can get Laser Checks that work directly with your financial software and allow you to print out checks automatically from your computer. In one easy step you can print your check, enter the transaction in your books and create a stub for your customer. It’s that simple. And when you run out, you can reorder Laser Checks easily right from your own computer.

With that kind of convenience and the services provided by ASAP Checks, why would you even consider paying any other way? You can get checks one per page with extra room for a payment stub or a copy for your records or 3 per page to help you save time and take care of several transactions at once. And you can even personalize your Computer Checks with your company logo to make them part of your consistent branding.

Of course there’s always good, old fashioned cash. Many people still prefer to rely on the direct method of payment and businesses will never turn down a cash payment, but even cash is not without its risks. Mainly, it can be lost or stolen easily and if that happens a business has no way to recoup its losses since there will be no way to prove payment. Again, using checks helps solve that problem because they can be automatically deposited using a smart phone so even if the physical check disappears, the payment will still be made.

And even though cash may be convenient for the customer, it still requires some extra steps in order for the business to deposit it. Many business owners just don’t have the time to spend physically counting, sorting and going to the bank to deposit their cash. That’s precious time away from their business that they could be channeling into making more profits. Checks are easy to use and to deposit electronically, and it’s simple to reorder Laser Checks so you never have to worry about running out.

Even though we’re living in a time where we have many options for payment, there are many reasons why checks are still the way to go. Even if you don’t use financial software regularly, you should still consider making computer checks your go to form of payment. You’ll be making life easier for yourself and for the places you do business with. Believe it or not, business owners will actually thank you for it!