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Can You Print Checks Without QuickBooks? 2 Affordable Alternatives to QuickBooks

We know writing checks is the highlight of your week. If you’re anything like us, you dream about the thrill of breaking out your nicest fountain pen and handwriting checks, right? Just kidding! We know writing checks can be tedious, and sometimes ordering checks can be even more of a pain. And, according to AFP, checks still account for more than half of all B2B payments.[1] That’s a lot of checks being written and a lot of time spent. To make life easier, most businesses opt to use an accounting software that allows for easy check formatting and printing.

It’s no secret that QuickBooks by Intuit is a top choice accounting program for many small businesses that’s especially useful for printing checks. But what if you don’t want to shell out money on a regular basis to keep updating to the newest version of QuickBooks? Is there still a good way for you to utilize the functionality of an accounting software and capitalize on the ready availability of QuickBooks check stock from check printers?

The short answer: yes! There are many programs (more than 175+ options and growing every day) that will work in place of QuickBooks, while allowing you to purchase QuickBooks check stock or other blank check stock from printers, like ASAP Checks, at a great discount over ordering checks from your bank or from Intuit. There are many software options to check out to find what works for your business needs, but two top inexpensive accounting programs that allow for easy coordination with QuickBooks style layouts, or with blank check stock, are Xero and Kashoo.

1. Xero

An inexpensive online accounting software, Xero is a great substitute for QuickBooks for businesses looking to avoid the cost of QuickBooks software. With a simple online check editor, Xero allows you to easily preview your check layout, to ensure full compatibility with the check style you need, including voucher style and standard 3-per-page checks. A great feature for companies looking to forecast cost? XERO is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, so a subscription allows you full access to the service while costing a fixed amount per month - easy to track for your business expenditures.

2. Kashoo

Despite its funny name, Kashoo is great if you’re looking for an accounting system that allows you to hit the ground running with little complexity. Kashoo has a check printing function that allows for check-on-top layout checks, compatible with certain types of blank check stock and QuickBooks compatible check layouts. Kashoo includes free phone and web support for subscribers, too, and is also priced on a monthly subscription model, like Xero.

From basic, free online programs to more complex bookkeeping systems, there is an option for everyone. Save yourself time and money with an accounting program that works for your business needs. With all the options available, don’t let the process of printing checks slow you down.


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