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With Computer Checks It Pays To Be Safe

Computer Checks are convenient, easy to order and use, and work with most popular financial and accounting software to help streamline your business practices, but when you use checks it’s not enough to just be convenient, you also need to be safe. Unfortunately, check fraud remains one of the most rampant forms of theft today. In fact, it is so widespread that banks try to keep a lid on the full extent of the matter, but estimates have the losses from check fraud in the billions.

With Computer Checks It Pays To Be Safe

You might think that by buying your checks directly from a printing company and filling them out using your own laser printer that you’d automatically be more secure, but this isn’t always the case. Criminals will use any means to copy and distribute fake checks, no matter how the originals were produced. And most people don’t realize that banks will hold their customers responsible for the greater percentage of fraudulent transactions, so those counterfeit checks could come back to bite you in the end.

So what can you do to make sure that your checks are safe? It’s a good question. Credit card companies have instituted a number of safety features to help protect your transactions, including the addition of a three digit CRV number and the use of embedded microchips. All of these serve as stumbling blocks to make it more difficult for criminals to use your card. Well there are similar safety features available for checks, but surprisingly many check manufacturers still don’t employ as many as they should. But if you get Laser Checks printed through ASAP Checks, you can rest assured that every transaction will be safeguarded.

We start by ensuring that the paper itself is secure by using a watermark that is only visible when the paper is held up to the light and can not be reproduced using a copier, printer or scanner and our own “TouchGuard”, a fingerprint symbol printed using thermochromic ink. This makes the fingerprint disappear when heat is applied by breathing on the paper or rubbing it, and then reappear again after a few seconds. We also infuse our paper with invisible fibers that appear only under black light. And finally we use chemical protection, which causes discoloration or other damage if there is an attempt to alter the paper in any way. That way, when your Computer Checks are printed you know that the paper is acting as its own safety net.

But that’s just the beginning. We also take special steps with the paper to help guard against any alteration or adjustment. On all of our Laser Checks we use a toner fusing method called Toner Grip. This special coating makes the laser printer toner adhere more closely to the paper, making it nearly impossible to alter the print in any way. Any attempt to alter our checks will result in smears, smudges or other obvious signs of damage, leaving potential criminals with a final product that won’t be able to pass the scrutiny of banks or other financial institutions.

We don’t just stop with the paper and the ink, though. We also include several other extra safeguards to ensure that your computer checks are legitimate. One of these is micro-printing, which is the use of text printed so small that to the naked eye it just looks like a line but when examined under a magnifying glass you can see that it is actually a line of text. This tiny text can’t be reproduced using standard printers, copiers or scanners so it serves as an effective deterrent to potential check fraud.

Also serving to ward off criminals is a list of features that appears on the back of each check, alerting tellers to be on the lookout for the particular safeguards used on our checks in order to verify that they are legitimate. But we intentionally leave some of the security features off of that list so that the criminals won’t be getting a heads up at the same time. And finally we employ a feature called a void pantograph, which causes the word void to appear in large letters when attempting to duplicate our checks on certain scanners and printers.

As you can see, we go to great lengths at ASAP Checks to ensure that your checks are safe. That’s because we know that when you order Laser Checks, you’re putting your reputation and your business on the line with everyone you write. And your business is as important to us as it is to you. So you can breathe easy with our products knowing that we go the extra mile to make sure that you have secure checks you can count on.

You don’t want to take safety lightly when it comes to your Computer Checks and neither do we. So if you’re considering using your financial accounting software to print your checks, make sure you’ve got checks that put your safety first. Security measures aren’t just for credit card companies; it pays to be safe when you’re paying with checks.