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Do I really need all 10 security features?

10 Security Features

At ASAP we include at least 10 security features on all our checks for no extra charge.

You might be asking, “Do I need that many? Am I paying for something I don’t really need?”

Well, first, according to the Federal Reserve, checks are the leading target for attempted fraud.

Second, you don’t pay anything extra with ASAP to get all these security features. In fact, if you compare our prices to other check providers, you’ll probably find that we are both LESS expensive and MORE secure.

Third, the reason we include all these features is not to make our checks 100% criminal-proof.

That would be prohibitively expensive.

No, it’s so that our checks (your checks) have enough security features on them to make a criminal think, “This is too much trouble, I’ll move on to another check.”

Another mark. Another person. Another business.

Not you. Not your business.

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