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Friendly Customer Service That Doesn’t Hide Behind Email

When ordering checks there is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are not being heard. It can be extremely inconvenient when your only option for customer service is an email account or an overseas call center person who you have trouble understanding. Long reply times to general email accounts can be challenging and don’t get your questions answered promptly. Overseas call centers can prove challenging as well, as it can be difficult to communicate your questions and concerns to the person with whom you are speaking.

At ASAP Checks we understand how difficult this can be. That's why all of our customer service representatives are located within North America. Our entirely North American based team means our customer service is fast, responsive, and comprehension and communication are crystal clear.

In addition to our customer service standards, we are check experts. Whatever type of account or check format, our knowledgeable Customer Service staff can help you find the right product or arrange for customization.

Not a fan of email? Or do you prefer email to phone calls? That’s ok! You do not have to worry about being forced into one method of communication. Our customer service team is here to support you in whatever method you prefer. From email, to telephone, to live chat, we use whatever methods work best for our customers. That means you can ask questions, gain clarity, and troubleshoot problems in whatever way is most comfortable for you. You are unique, and we think that means you deserve customer service as unique as you are!

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we regularly receive glowing testimonials from customers who have been helped by one of our many talented customer service representatives. You can see testimonials on every page of our site at


Our customer service sets us apart from big banks and other check printing services. The prompt and personalized customer service we offer allows us to better serve you. Our customer service representatives are ready to help.

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