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Ordering Checks from the Other Guys is Too Complicated

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Ordering checks online through a check printer is hardly ever simple. Complicated navigation can leave you clicking around a site in a spiral, not able to order what you need quickly and efficiently. Ordering online means having to remember and re-enter details from your previous order on many sites. When you are a busy business owner or staff member, the last thing you want is to be wasting precious time trying to perform a simple task like placing a check order.

Michelle had been ordering her checks from the big banks for as long as she could remember, until she got fed up. After too many overly complicated orders and a lack of customer service, Michelle decided it was time to try something different. She set out in search of a smaller, more personable check company, and came across

According to Michelle, “This was my first time using ASAP Checks. The website was very easy to navigate, I followed the steps and received a notice that my checks were shipping within 24 hours. A great experience overall!”. Michelle was able to quickly and easily place an order and get the checks she needed without any fuss or headaches.

Many people hesitate to take the leap from ordering with their bank to a private company. Some people feel the banks, while their processes and customer service may be lacking, are more secure than small companies. This is not necessarily the case. Large banks may process your check order, but they are not actually the ones printing your checks themselves. They use subcontractors to complete this check printing on their behalf. Going to a reputable small printer from the get go means you are cutting out the middleman. The cost savings are evident and the personable more streamlined processes make all the difference.

Next time you find yourself on auto-pilot, going to a big bank’s site to order your checks, consider going a different route. Consider a route with simplified ordering processes, personalized customer services, and secure affordable checks. You will save time and energy you would otherwise waste ordering from a large corporation.