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Rats swallowed $2.1 billion of his cocaine cash

When you’re a drug dealer, you can’t just put your money in the bank.

You can’t waltz up to the teller with 50 bags stuffed with $100 bills and say, “I’d like to make a deposit.”

It’s 100% a cash business and, if you’re drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, eventually all that cash starts to pile up.

And I mean LITERALLY pile up.

Escobar had so much cash he ran out of places to put it. So, it was stashed EVERYWHERE.

And here’s the thing about cash: It’s organic. It’s edible. It’s covered in bacteria.

And apparently rats find it delicious.

And rats scarfed down on $2.1 billion worth of cash that Escobar had stashed in a warehouse.

OK, so you don’t have that kind of cash laying around.

But I bet you are paying some of your bills in ways that leave it susceptible to other kinds of rats.

Like fraudsters.

Fraud, particularly credit card fraud and electronic payment fraud are on the rise.

Meanwhile, the humble paper check is quickly becoming a safe, secure alternative to these vulnerable electronic payment methods.

Secure checks, with the fraud-prevention elements we recommend, might be a great way to protect yourself from the massive wave of cybercrime.

Find out how checks can protect your money from the rats.

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