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Sick of Getting Gouged by Big Banks for Your Checks? Here’s How to Avoid It

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In the Fall of 2016 the infamous Wells Fargo scandal broke. It came to light that the financial giant had opened or applied for over 2 million bank accounts and credit cards, without their customers’ knowledge or permission. The illegal acts took place between May 2011 and July 2015 and resulted in a 185 million dollar fine against the bank.

This reinforced themes of corporate greed and consumer vulnerability, and showed us that banks will do whatever they can, legal or not, in order to take what they can from unsuspecting consumers. That means banks will take what they can get, a fee here, a charge here, adding up to massive gains on their part, and massive losses for the public.

Banks are looking for ways to turn a profit. From hidden fees, ATM fees, statement fees, transaction fees to overpriced services and high overhead, the big banks are out to make money -- lots of it.

Checks are just another way the big banks squeeze you. Overpriced products and complicated processes mean your checks cost more than they should, and you are left with the bill.

How to avoid getting gouged by big banks when it comes to checks? Simple. Look elsewhere!

Why pay so much out of your pocket for something that doesn’t cost nearly as much as the banks let on?

Brenda, an ASAP Checks client, shopped around and found that she was dramatically overpaying for her checks.

“I did some online research for the product we were looking for. Found it at ASAP at a lower price. Why pay more?” - Brenda asks.

There is absolutely no reason to pay more for checks unnecessarily. Often we are so desensitized to all of the charges and fees launched at us by our bank. We don’t even realize that there is another way. Paying for checks, and paying through the nose, is such an accepted reality that few people consider looking outside of their bank for this product.

Often, business owners are busy and don’t have the time to research and compare costs for hours. We want to make sure people know that overpaying for bank checks isn’t an inevitable part of life. There is a better, cheaper, more friendly way.

Who would you rather buy your checks from? A local company out to help you get a secure product that is quick and affordable? Or a big bank focused on one thing and one thing only -- turning a profit? We hope that is an easy question

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