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The Panic of Ordering Checks Last Minute

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Smart business owners are always asking “What if?”

What if (fill in the blank emergency) happens?

How are we situated to respond to and survive under that scenario?

Running out of checks is one of those “What if?” situations you need to know the answer to.

Because running out of checks can be a time-consuming and expensive emergency for many businesses. Late fees. Loss of favorable payment terms. Slumping business credit numbers. Missing payroll!

So, when you’re faced with that urgent scenario, this is the last thing you want…

We needed checks on Wednesday in a HURRY so I went online and ordered checks with one day delivery. I paid 186.00 for overnight delivery - when they arrived here on Thursday they were printed incorrectly! I called at 900am on Thursday and they promised me the checks would be here by Friday before 12Noon. I just called them to get the tracking number and was told the checks would not be here until MONDAY - SO I asked for my overnight shipping to be refunded and they said that the checks arrived on THURSDAY and they will not refund my MONEY- EVEN THOUGH the checks are WRONG .. UNBELIEVABLE .... do NOT buy from them.

-Sandra G, Poughkeepsie, NY

And, no, Sandra is not referring to some tiny check printing company out in the middle of nowhere. She’s talking about one of the largest, most-recognized names in the check printing industry. A check printing vendor that many big banks refer their customers to for their check printing needs.

And that’s the quality of service she received. Imagine trying to solve an emergency like that and your check vendor only makes it worse. Much worse!

When you run out of checks, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a competent, reliable partner working with you.  

Penny has that peace of mind. “We received our urgent check order immediately. When I forgot to send in the voided check with the first order, a very friendly and helpful lady called me up. She really got me out of a bind!”

Hey, there’s a reason we’re called ASAP.

So, What If you run out of checks?  What situation will you find yourself in?

Sandra’s or Penny’s?

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