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What are my Options for Cheap Personal Checks?

For the average check user, there are three main options for obtaining personal checks. In this article, we will share some scoop about each option and hopefully show you why door #3 is the best pick.

1) Buy from your bank.
2) Buy from a big box national chain.
3) Buy from a next-generation, direct-to-consumer check printer.

Buying Checks from Your Bank

We won’t lie to you. We get it; banks are what you know and are used to. This is an easy route to take if you’re willing to wait patiently for several weeks (sometimes up to 6 weeks) for quality checks with a high mark-up. Your bank is essentially the corporate middleman in this scenario. Yes, they’ll get you the product, but you’re paying a mark-up because the bank buys the checks directly from large check printers (such as Harland Clarke) and sells them to you at a profit. If you’re willing to pay more than you need to for the ease and simplicity of a transaction through your bank, or if you just love the saying “Better the enemy I know than the enemy I don’t know,” banks might be your cup of tea.

Buying Checks from Walmart or Another Big Box Check Retailer

Like the Banks, big box stores order checks from check printers (likely Harland Clarke) and resell them at a mark-up. These stores usually deal in large bulk orders to provide much discount to the consumer, so if you’re ready to place a large order, this can be a convenient option. (Of, if you just like to order checks where you order laundry soap.)

Buying Checks from Direct-to-Consumer Printers

Oh, hi there! If you’ve been following ASAP Checks for a while now, you know what we’re about to say. You know we will say you can save money and time (and possibly headaches) by ordering from a next generation check printing company that can provide the top-notch quality and premium security features of your bank’s checks with greater affordability and convenience. The ease and simplicity of pre-printed checks with the convenience of online ordering? ASAP Checks has what you need, accompanied with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit this page to see our prices stacked up next to competitor’s. We think you’ll like what you see.
All online check printers are not created equal. Make sure you order from a reputable company with CPSA accreditation. “All reputable check printing companies produce checks according to industry standards to ensure that checks will be accepted by banks and merchants alike,” says Steven Antolick, executive director of the CPSA. At ASAP Checks, we are CPSA padlock certified, indicating we have top-of-the-line security features to protect your financial information and keep you safe.


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