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Why should it take a week (or longer!) before your checks are ready to ship?

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We all do it: leaving something until the last minute. We put things off because we are swamped with other tasks. “I’ll get to it next,” we tell ourselves, and before we know it it’s the 11th hour and we are nearly out of something we need to run our day-to-day business.

It happens all the time - no one noticed that the checks were running out. You’re out (or almost out) of checks. Now the panic is on - what happens if you cannot print payroll checks or pay supplier bills on time? Running out of checks can be a time-consuming and expensive emergency for so many businesses.

Why should it take a week or more before your checks are ready to ship? Why does it take so long for your checks to ship when ordering from a big company? In theory, they should have established systems and processes equipped to handle orders more efficiently, but they don’t.

So often, these large banks and check printers are using outdated technology, old school approaches that slow them down. Old fashioned plate technology, offset printer, press proofs, ink/color calibration are just some of the many outdated issues these check printers may encounter.

In addition, check printers will hold orders until they have enough orders of the type you requested for it to be efficient for them to print them. This means your order can sit around for days while the printer accumulates other similar orders. These cost cutting tactics mean these companies move like molasses.

Don’t panic. While some big banks have extremely slow turnaround on their products, small check printers like ASAP do not. Just ask Lynette, an ASAP Checks customer.

“The order was processed and shipped fast. Customer service had questions regarding my order and sent an email the same day to confirm order,” - says Lynette.

We don’t hang onto your order, we get it out the door as quickly as we can.

ASAP Checks is a “new generation” check printer. Our efficient streamlined production processes using digital equipment mean we are on the cutting edge of technology. This means we are agile and efficient when it comes to processing your order in a timely manner. We respond quickly when an order is placed and answer any questions then and there. Most of our orders are ready to ship within a day of our receiving all order info.

Panic and long wait times are not inevitable. When you leave your order until the last minute, don’t send it to a big check printer who will process it slowly and leave you high and dry. Count on the efficiency of a smaller, personally run check printer like ASAP.

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