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This will make you stop and think

This will make you stop and think

On CNBC TV show “The Profit” Marcus Lemonis always writes a check when deciding to invest in a business.

Why does he do that?

Well, the main reason is that it looks more dramatic for TV.

I mean you can’t see an electronic funds transfer, right? That would be pretty boring TV.

But here’s another reason.

The decisions that Lemonis makes on the show are BIG decisions. Often involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. He thinks through these decisions very carefully.

And here’s the problem: In today’s economy, we should all be thinking about our purchases very carefully.

Not just the ones that costs us hundreds or even thousands of dollars but also the smaller ones.
And plastic (credit cards and debit cards) and electronic funds transfers give us NO TIME TO THINK about our decisions. Buying things these days is TOO easy.

So, one reason to use paper checks more often is to slow down your decision-making process. Give you time to think. Stop you from making bad decisions just because it’s easy to pay.

Yes, checks take longer to use than electronic payments.

But that can be a very, very good thing!