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3 per page






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Why People Love ASAP Computer Checks

  • 100% Compatible with ALL Laser, Inkjet printers. Our Computer Checks are guaranteed to be compatible with the ones you order from your bank, software company (such as Intuit and Sage) or check printer (such as Harland, Deluxe) or you get a 100% refund.

  • Extensive Security Features. TouchGuardTM is a heat activated symbol that provides similar protection as holograms, invisible Fibers that glow under black light, True Watermark - immediately apparent when you hold the paper up to light, and more

  • Most Orders Ship in Just 1 Business Day. From the time we receive all the information we need, your order will ship out either next day or even same day.

  • ‘Beat the Bank’ Pricing. Banks don’t print checks, they resell them. We save our customers on average 58% - 86% on checks.  

  • Only Premium and Secure Paper Used. We use premium check paper that is loaded with security features. Similar to holograms used on some checks, scanners or color copiers cannot defeat this security feature - thus thwarting any attempt at counterfeiting.

  • A Portion of Your Order Goes to Worthy Causes. A portion of each order is donated to various organizations doing good work in our communites.

  • No-Hassle Low Price Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, you just contact our Customer Service to arrange return shipment, and as soon as we receive it we will process a 100% refund. All of our products are guaranteed to be compatible.

Compare and Save

Check Type intuit-logo.png deluxe-logo.png asapchecks-sm.png You Save
250 Voucher Computer Checks 169.99 243.74 52.00 69%-79%
250 Standard 3 Per Page Checks 149.99 154.99 22.00 58%-86%
250 Wallet 3 Per Page Checks 87.99 139.99 19.00 78%-84%
250 Window Envelopes (business) 68.99 86.24 20.00 71%-77%
250 Deposit Slips (1 part) 68.99 61.99 22.00 65%-68%
Endorsement Stamp 35.99 35.99 25.00 31%


Over 175+ Software Apps Supported



About Us

  • We’ve been in business since 1999, printing many millions of checks for customers all across Canada (and the U.S.)

  • ASAP Checks has the Better Business Bureau's top A+ rating

  • We are a Canadian business, located in the beautiful Thousand Islands region of Ontario

  • Many Financial Institutions choose ASAP to print checks for their members and customers, including Credit Unions and caisses populaires

Questions about Computer Checks

What are Computer Checks?

Computer Checks are checks that you print on using accounting software (eg. QuickBooks) or personal finance software (eg. Quicken). From ASAP Checks, these are available in "sheet" format for use in laser printers, ink printers and inkjet printers. Other check printers sell Computer Checks in "continuous" format (the type with pinholes on either side).

What are Voucher Computer Checks?

Voucher Computer Checks have 1 check on the sheet and 2 vouchers (also called stubs) where payable and payroll details can be printed. The check may be on the top of the page, in the middle or the bottom. The software you use will determine which layout you need to use.

What are 3 Per Page Computer Checks?

3 Per Page Computer Checks have 3 checks on each page, and come in 2 sizes.

Business 3 per page (also called Standard 3 per page) Computer Checks have 3 full size business checks on each page. Any details about the check must be printed on the memo line.

Wallet 3 per page Computer Checks have 3 personal / wallet sized checks on each page, with a small stub on the left where details about the check can be printed.

What kinds of printers can I use to print on Computer Checks?

Computer Checks that are on sheets can be used on any laser printer and ink/inkjet printer.

What is the difference between Computer Checks, Laser Checks and Ink/Inkjet Checks?

Computer Checks, Laser Checks and Ink/Inkjet Checks are all referring to exactly the same thing. To the best of our knowledge, with one exception, no one produces checks that are just for laser printers or just for ink/inkjet printers. The exception is that some Computer Checks have a special coating so that laser printer toner will better fuse to the paper; however this type of Computer Check can still be used on ink/inkjet printers.

What software do Computer Checks work with?

These checks are used with Accounting Software (eg. Accounts Payable, Payroll) such as QuickBooks, and with Personal Finance Software such as Quicken.

Does it matter if my Computer Checks are numbered in ascending or descending sequence?

Yes ! Some printers need the paper to be inserted face up in the tray, in which case the checks should be numbered in ascending order. For printers that need the paper to be inserted face down, the checks should be numbered in descending order.

What kind of security features should I have on my Computer Checks?

The quality and affordability of scanners, copiers and printers has made it easier than ever for crooks to counterfeit checks that are not well protected. And without other important security features, a crook can alter checks.

To prevent copying/reproduction, your checks should include an area printed using thermochromic (heat activated color change) ink or a hologram, invisible or flourescent fibers, microprinting and a true watermark.

To prevent tampering/altering, your checks should include chemical protection and “toner grip” coating if you will be printing them using a laser printer.

For more details, see

Do I have to order Computer Checks from my software vendor or my bank?

No. For starters, software vendors and banks do not print checks, they simply send the orders to a check printer to fulfill the order. And there is no legal requirement to purchase from these sources.

What should I look for when comparing check printers for Computer Checks?

Before looking at price, turnaround and customer service, you should be certain that the check printer is capable of and does carefully protect your sensitive bank account information, and that the Computer Checks they offer include extensive security features.

Can I also fill in Computer Checks by hand?

Sometimes it would be convenient to fill in a check manually by hand without having to order manual checks for this purpose. In some cases you can order Computer Checks with “handwriting lines”.

The service was fast and efficient. The people were friendly and helpful. I would recommend ASAP to others.
– Doreen
Exceptional company! Great service and superb quality! This was my first experience with your company but will certainly not be my last.
– Martin



The ASAP Cheques promise

We pride ourselves on our superior product quality and attentive customer service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, simply return it for a hassle free refund.



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