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Quicken Checks from ASAP: Guaranteed Secure and Compatible


Ordering Quicken checks from ASAP couldn't be more straightforward. Our checks are guaranteed compatible with your software and printer, are covered by a number of security features, and are shipped within just one day. We offer all types of checks for Quicken, including voucher checks, business (or standard) 3-per-page checks, and wallet 3-per-page checks.

Our Quicken compatible checks are printed on premium paper that resists jamming in printers. They're suitable for use with any laser or ink/inkjet printer and are compatible with the checks you order from your software vendor (e.g. Intuit), check printer (e.g. Deluxe or Harland Clarke), or your bank.

And because we prioritize protection, we utilize these security features:

  • Watermark - This can be seen immediately when you hold the check to the light
  • TouchGuard™ - This is a heat-activated, color-changing symbol, similar to a hologram
  • Invisible Fibers - These glow under black light

Click here to view the full list of security features we use.

Ordering Quicken checks is made easy by our user-friendly site and outstanding customer support. If you have ordered Quicken compatible checks from us before and want to reorder for the same bank account, click here to Reorder.

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Styles for QuickBooks Checks

Styles of Checks

Quicken Voucher
On Top


Quicken Standard
3 per Page


Quicken Wallet
3 per Page



Compare and Save on Quicken Checks

Check Type Intuit Deluxe AsapChecks You Save
250 Quicken Voucher Checks $169.99 $243.74 $59.00 65%-76%
250 Quicken Standard 3 per Page Checks $149.99 $154.99 $28.00 81%-82%
250 Quicken Wallet 3 per Page Checks $87.99 $116.66 $28.00 68%-75%

500 Self Seal Window Envelopes (business)

$127.49 $169.99 $76.00 40%-55%


Competitor Comparison Chart

Feature AsapChecks Intuit Deluxe
Check Prices lower than most banks YES YES NO
Shipping in as Fast as 24 Hours YES NO NO
Live Support - Phone, Chat, Email YES YES YES
Real-Time Order Status YES YES YES
Premium Paper YES YES YES
Heat-Sensitive Ink for Security YES YES YES
11 Built-In Security Features YES YES NO
5 Star Customer Service Rating YES NO NO
Best Price Guarantee YES NO NO
Printer Compatibility Guarantee YES YES YES
Better Business Bureau Top Rating YES NO NO


November 08, 2019

Excellent service
– Les
Great service and proper security procedures. I have purchased checks several times and found the price and quality top notch
– Bernard



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We pride ourselves on our superior product quality and attentive customer service.


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Customer Reviews