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Questions About Checks, Deposit Tickets and Forms

Are your checks Check 21 compatible?

Yes! All of our checks are compatible with Check 21.

But there is more to the story. QuickBooks and Quicken versions prior to 2006 print the memo line in an area called the MICR clear band, violating the standards for checks even before Check 21 came along. Even with the 2006 versions, as of this writing only wallet check printing has an option for the memo to be printed higher. We have failed in our attempts to convince Intuit to correct this problem with their software; we can only assume that they need to use up a large supply of already printed check paper.

How much do your checks cost?

Just go to the type of check you are interested and click on the Quantity to see the cost for each quantity for that style. Shipping and any applicable taxes will be added to your order on check out. And remember our Lowest Price Guarantee!

What types of checks do you offer?

We offer computer checks (1-part in a variety of layouts for use with inkjet and laser printers for most accounting and personal finance software), and manual business checks (1-part 3/page that you fill out by hand) All of our checks offer superior security features making them difficult to counterfeit or alter. We also offer blank check paper for those that print their own (this requires special software such as VersaCheck and MICR toner). Full details on all types are available in the Checks part of our website.

When ordering checks, do I need to send a voided check?

Yes. The first time you order checks for an account, you must upload, e-mail, fax, or mail a sample voided check. This ensures that your account information will be properly encoded. We also use the sample to verify with your bank that the order is legitimate. If this is a new account, one of the "starter checks" the bank provides is fine.

If you cannot supply a sample, your bank should be able to provide something called a MICR or Check Specification Sheet instead. Please ensure that a bank representative fills it out for you instead of just giving you a blank form.

Write your order number clearly on the sample. If you are unable to send us a sample or specification sheet, let us know and we will do what we can to process your order without it.

When ordering deposit tickets/slips, do I need to send a sample?

Yes. The first time you order deposit slips for an account, you must upload, e-mail, fax, or mail a sample deposit ticket/slip. Write your order number clearly on the sample. We need the sample even if you are sending us a sample check from the same account because deposit tickets/slips are often encoded differently. If you cannot supply a sample, your bank should be able to provide something called a MICR or Specification Sheet instead. If you are unable to send us a sample or specification sheet, let us know and we will do what we can to process your order without it.

How will you know which sample is mine?

It is very important when sending us samples to write your order number clearly on the sample. If you do not, we may not be able to match it up and will not be able to start processing your order.

Can you print my logo on my checks?

Yes. We charge a one-time setup fee of $20. Currently, we only print logos in black and white / grayscale. If we will be printing your company name and address to the right of the logo, then depending on the style of check it can only be approximately 1/2" x 1/2".

If you already have your logo in electronic form (BMP, GIF, JPG or TIF), you can attach it to an e-mail and send it to [email protected]. Remember to put your order number in the subject line. Otherwise, send us the best possible quality original graphic file in a minimum of 300 dpi but 600 or 1200 dpi is preferable. Faxing or mailing your logo results in poor quality and in the wrong format for preparing logos.

Can you print my drivers license number on my checks?

Yes. Simply include in the Comments/Changes input box what needs to be added or write on the voided sample you are sending us. To avoid delays, please print clearly.

I recently changed my name. Can I make this change on my check order?

Yes. Simply indicate the change on your voided sample and if you are ordering online, in the Comments section. Note that changes to name and address will be verified with your bank so if we do not already have your bank contact information on file, you can speed up processing by providing it at the same time.

What is the weight of your check paper?

Our checks use a premium check paper that is 24 lbs "weight".

What security features do your checks have?

ASAP Checks is the industry leader in providing the most security features, yet affordably. In the unlikely case that you can find more security features, you will be paying substantially more! Click here for all the details.

My printer requires checks in reverse/descending order .. can you print them this way?

Yes. The online order form has an option where you can specify ascending or descending order. If you feed your checks into your printer face down and the printer takes the top check first you probably should order reverse/descending order.

Can I have 2 or 3 signature lines printed?

Yes. For each check style, you have the option of specifying 1 or 2 signature lines. 3 signature lines are required in rare cases, but is not available on all styles of checks.

Sometimes I fill out my computer checks by hand. Is that okay?

At one time filling out a computer check by hand was not an issue, however, now because of the Check 21 standards there are some differences between a computer generated and a manually handwritten check. While your bank may accept the handwritten computer check as a customer service courtesy currently, eventually the banks will enforce stricter adherence to the Check 21 Standards and may impose a processing fee for non-compliant checks.

Can I see a preview of how my information will look when ordering online?

We will send you a computer-generated proof for your review and approval by email for first-time orders and/or larger quantity orders. It is important to note that the proofs cannot be used for precise alignment purposes. We also can not provide a proof preview without having your Order Confirmation number first.

How closely will the images on your website match the actual checks?

They should be close, but will not be exact. Every computer monitor displays colors somewhat differently, and individual settings on monitors will impact this as well. Also, each step in preparing the images for displaying on the website introduce subtle changes.

What is the difference between one check per page and 3 check per page?

Accounts Payable and Payroll checks generally need to have a stub or voucher containing additional details (eg. what bills are being paid by the check, payroll deductions, etc.), so these applications typically use a 1 check per page style. Depending on the software package, the check might be on the top, in the middle, or on the bottom and the remaining portions of the page used for the stub/voucher(s).

Otherwise, 3 checks per page (also referred to as 3-up) is the most economical style. Note that if you are using computer checks, you need to verify that your software supports a 3/page style.

Why do the perforations not tear as easily as they did on my last order of checks? Did you change the paper?

At different times of the year, the pulp that goes into making the check paper is obtained from different kinds of trees. For example, in the summer, the trees harvested for pulpwood may come from more northern climates that are predominantly hardwood forests while in the winter the trees may be from a southerly, softwood region. The higher the hardwood content in the paper, the cleaner the tear. Every attempt is made to strike a balance.

When will new check colors or designs be available?

One of the ways we are able to keep our prices so low is buying in volume, which is why we offer the designs with 4 color choices that we do today. We hope to introduce more colors in the future.

What are duplicate checks?

While ASAP offers duplicate deposit tickets, we do not offer duplicate checks at this time. Duplicate checks are checks with alternating sheets of carbonless check paper and lighter identically numbered plain paper. What you write on the check is automatically transferred onto the copy below..

If I order 500 checks for each of 2 checking accounts, do I use the 1,000 quantity price?

No. Prices are per checking account. Place two separate check orders, 500 for each account.


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